Suddenly} , I feel this w.a.y. My mom said I would s.o.m.e.d.a.y: my tummy aches, my h.e.a.r.t beats fast, I wonder how long this feeling will last??? It feels like you were sent from the angels above, I guess its that thing called


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The worst feeling in the world is to have lost the one you love and then still love them with everything you have in you. You go to sleep at night thinking of them, and wake up just the same. But the worst thing is dreaming of him every night, just as if


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I loved you o.n.c.e

             I love u s.t.i.l.l

                        I always h.a.v.e

                I always w.i.l.l    !!!!



Don't cry because it's { o.v.e.r, smile because it happend !!!





Do you belive in

{ l.o.v.e at first site,???
... or should I ...

walk by again?.

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